Creating a Quality Experience

As a researcher, you expect a quality focus group experience.
Creating that experience is easy for us. Our project managers know how to orchestrate everything from a single market study to multi-market, nation-wide studies. Call us today, and tell us what you need. Or, Request a Bid, and we’ll call you. It’s that simple.

Choosing a Venue

Is your next focus group outside of Dallas? No worries! We’ll ask for bids and find a venue that offers you the best value and provide the recruiting for it. Are you headed to Big Tex? Check out our 4 suite focus group facility!

Specific Venue Needs
Does your focus group have specific venue needs, such as remote observation, special equipment, or a product placement? Our project managers understand how to prepare venues to meet your needs.

Participant Recruiting Needs
Do you have a client list you need us to use? We are happy to work with it. Do you want us to use our database or random dialing? You choose the method and we’ll deliver the focus group participants.

Technical Needs
Does your company need audio or video recordings? We’ll arrange for stationary video or a video operator and any type of audio recording. We’ll provide the recordings to you at your convenience. Do you need your focus group session transcribed? We can arrange that, too.

Refreshment Needs
Do you want full meals or just snacks and refreshments? We’ll work with the facility or venue to provide all the food you need.

Honorarium and Hosting
Do you need a host or hostess to greet your focus group participants and distribute honorariums? Our staff will register participants and distribute honorariums to provide a pleasurable experience for your focus group participants.