Trial Consultants

Getting You Ready for Trial
We specialize in helping you prepare for trial. You’ve researched your case, submitted your briefs, and you are ready for trial, but you have questions that only a jury can answer. We have years of experience coordinating, recruiting, and hosting mock juries. Our experienced recruiters know how to produce mock jurors that represent who you will see on a final jury.
Screening Your Jurors
We know how to screen your mock jurors beyond the standard demographic questions of age, occupation, and education. Our experienced recruiters probe potential respondents to make sure they truly qualify for your mock jury.
Re-Screening Your Jurors
Our Validation Department and experienced managers set us apart from other research companies. Every respondent is re-screened by a manager to make sure he or she meets your standards.
Research Categories
We are experienced in every type of litigation under federal, state and local jurisdictions. We specialize in recruiting for civil, commercial and criminal litigation.
Additional Services
We are experts at writing screeners for mock jury research. Recruiting is our business and we know what works. Our experts created several different high-quality screeners and confidentiality agreements. Use one of our screeners or confidentiality agreements or use your own.