What is a focus group?

Focus groups help our clients evaluate services or test new ideas. A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which focus group moderators ask questions and participants give opinions about a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.

Are you selling something?

No, absolutely not. K&B National Research is not a telemarketer. We conduct legitimate research for our clients. We will not contact you for sales purposes, and neither will our client. We want your opinions, not a sale.

Do my opinions make a difference?

Yes. Definitely. Your opinions help our clients create new products, analyze consumer trends, determine advertising campaign success, explore political issues, or test legal cases before they go to trial. Our clients want your opinions, and our job is to make sure they hear what you have to say.

What happens in a focus group?

A professional moderator leads the discussion in a roundtable format and asks for opinions from everyone in the group. Most focus groups last 2 hours, and we pay you a predetermined honorarium, by check, when the focus group session ends.

Is my name or personal information associated with my opinions?

In most cases, only K & B National Research will know who you are and you are anonymous to our client. You are associated only by your first name during the focus group. You will never be contacted by our client without first obtaining your permission from us.

You mentioned an honorarium. How does that work?

We pay you for your time with an honorarium. You sign in to the focus group session when you arrive, and when you sign out after the session is finished, you receive your honorarium.

I enjoyed my focus group experience. May I participant in again?

Yes. We’ll call you, again, when your demographics match with another focus group.

May I recommend my friends and family for a focus group?

Yes. Please have them fill out the form on the Join Our Database page. We welcome their opinions.